Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) sometimes isn’t taken serious by most people. It is also known as summer or winter depression. This disorder is associated with mood swings in mentally healthy people. Though this is not a serious disease but it can cause much discomfort. Bupropion 150mg(Wellbutrin Sr) is the medication recommended to people who usually give way to mood disorders during a certain season. Bupropion is often prescribed as a supportive therapy to help people give up smoking.

Being an antidepressant, 150mg Bupropion (Wellbutrin) stimulates certain brain activity. It is available in tablets of three different types: regular, sustained-released (stands for SR) and extended-release (stands for ER) pills. Regular tablets of Welbutrin must be taken 3 times a day regardless of food intake. Wellbutrin SR must be taken 2 times a day (8 hours apart), while Wellbutrin ER tablet should be taken once a day in the morning. Take the pills at the same time each day.

There’s some important information each patient should know before they decide to take Bupropion. This medication may upset stomach in some people, so it is allowed to take it with food. It shouldn’t be taken right before bedtime if you have problems with falling asleep. Do not stop taking Wellbutrin abruptly. The therapist may prescribe a smaller dosage for a 2-week administration. Thoroughly follow the prescription. If for some reason you have no prescription for Bupropion 150 mg (Wellbutrin Sr), read the manufacturer’s printed information leaflet prior you start taking the drug.

Keep in mind, some patients have to take for 4 weeks to feel the full benefit of Bupropion. So don’t stop taking the drug if you don’t feel the effect, as well as you don’t have to stop taking it once you feel better.

Normally, 150 mg Bupropion doesn’t cause any side-effects, though some people may experience some of them, like excitement, dizziness, pain in stomach, drowsiness, loss of appetite, loss of weight and others. Read the SIDE EFFECTS section carefully. Some of them can be serious, that is why call your doctor immediately once you notice any of them.

Sometimes Bupropion is assigned for the management of such serious condition as manic depressive disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). It also can be prescribed to manage other conditions.

Every patient can buy Bupropion 150mg (Wellbutrin) online. There is a range of online pharmacies offering Bupropion, so you can compare prices and delivery terms without leaving your house.